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We constantly evolve our products so that they meet the latest market requirements.

Tools & Products

In order to meet the needs of its customers and to facilitate their work, both in the configuration of the operation of ATMs, and in the simulation of their operation, so as to avoid tiring tests with cards at physical ATMs, EPSCI has developed a flexible and user friendly software, the EPSCI Configuration Designer, facilitating the creation and support of ATM transaction flows and screens and the EPSCI simulator, an ATM operation simulator.

Our products are used successfully in banks and organizations in Greece and abroad. EPSCI stays close to its customer needs, and the always changing banking standards, constantly developing its products so that they meet the latest market requirements.

ATM Configuration Designer

The ATM Configuration Designer is fully EMV compatible, encompasses years of collective experience of experts in the field and supports all major ATM vendors. It contains numerous utilities, including the User Access Security utility, facilitating the definition of users and control of access rights, or the State Table Compare utility, which enables the user to find differences in States between a newer Configuration file and those of the original version. Furthermore, the ATM Configuration Designer can connect to the most common database systems such as MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, and more, thus enabling the operator to import data from external sources to form an ATM Configuration file that is stored in SQL Tables.

ATM Simulator

The ATM Simulator is a program that having read the same configuration files of a physical ATM device, it will behave in a virtually similar manner. Namely, it can read virtual card tracks and recognize FIT data, read state and screen definitions and display the appropriate screen sequences, accept virtual cash deposit envelopes, communicate Transaction Requests to the Host System, receive responses and thereafter dispense virtual cash and print receipts.


FlexiTester is a Windows based software compliant with virtually any switching system supporting TCP/IP connection functionality in a client – server fashion. The software is a fully EMV capable integrated testing solution which natively supports all ATM protocols, BIC ISO, SPDH, Visa, BankNet, DIAS, but the list may be expanded with any Custom protocol, if required.
The software is specifically designed for the following types of testing needs:

  • Functional testing
  • System integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Performance/Stress testing

The software supports various types of input files from raw text files and CSV structured files to a number of log and trace files, such as TRF or LOG, in hex or ASCII format. The list of supported input files can be modified according to the format supported by the relevant switching system. The software generates reports in multiple formats, such as XML, CSV, TXT, etc. for all test types.

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