Many years of experience
Great experience in the installation and support of authorization and transaction processing systems in Greece and abroad.

Brief History

EPSCI S.A. (Electronic Payment Systems Consultants & Integrators) is an IT Company which primarily engaged in the Banking Sector and in particular in the field of Electronic Payment Systems, providing specialized support services systems to authorize transactions for debit and credit cards and ATM terminal management and POS.

Staffed by technical and advisory personnel with 20 years experience in installation services and support systems for authorization and transaction management in the majority of banks in Greece and advisory services to banks abroad. EPSCI'S team consists of experienced consultants, technical support specialists and programmers, able to provide immediate solutions to customer needs.

Since its inception in 2004, initially under the name EPSHellas S.A., represented EPS Germany and the product ASX, which has successfully installed, replacing the previous system in a bank in Greece.

In 2008, due to the acquisition of EPS Germany by a worldwide company, EPSHellas S.A. renamed to EPSCI S.A. (Electronic Payment Systems Consultants & Integrators) continuing unhindered its activities in the area of electronic payments.

In addition to the services offered, EPSCI S.A. has developed and promoted the software EPSCI ATM Configuration Designer and EPSCI ATM Simulator, products that configure and simulate the operation of ATMs.

Since early 2011, EPSCI S.A. cooperates and represents in Greece, the French company LUSIS, promoting the product TANGO, an advanced software platform for managing banking and trading transactions.

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